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Abolish Slavery VAis a coalition of grassroots organizations, human rights advocates, and those directly impacted by the systemic racism and exploitation of the criminal justice system. We act through legislative advocacy, raising public awareness and  education, and community organizing. Started in 2022 as a response to a need for leadership in state operations for Virginia in pushing for legislation that would amend the state constitution to fully abolish all form of slavery and involuntary servitude, including as punishment for a crime, once and for all. As a proud affiliate of the Abolish Slavery National Network, we envision a United States where all people, without exception, are free from slavery and involuntary servitude and where all people are protected by their state and federal constitution. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a society that is free from the chains of slavery and eradicate the oppressive practices that exist within our criminal justice system. We strive to promote social justice and uphold human rights by advocating for racial equity, dismantling systemic racism, and disrupting the prison industrial complex and carceral system that have perpetuated the profit-driven warehousing of bodies in our country. We believe that the abolition of all forms of slavery is an essential step towards achieving this goal, therefore, our main objective is first and foremost to amend the state constitution of Virginia to remove the exception clause and end slavery of all forms, including as punishment for a crime. Through community engagement, public outreach, and legislative advocacy, we will work tirelessly to pass legislation that will finally end slavery in our state once and for all.​

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