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Read and sign our petition with OrganizeFor and ColorOfChange to let lawmakers know that slavery is NOT something that we stand for here in Virginia!

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Other ways to Get Involved!

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Join Us!

Are you or your organization interested in joining the movement to end slavery in Virginia? Join the Abolish Slavery VA Coalition to be part of a growing alliance of grassroots and community organizations, human rights advocates, legal professionals, and those impacted by the criminal justice system. There is strength in unity and power in numbers. We are stronger together, and together, we can make history.


Spread awareness! Awareness is always the first step in any kind of social change or progress. Get the word out to your friends, family, peers, co-workers, strangers- whoever- that slavery was never FULLY ABOLISHED, and explain to them why NOW is the time to finally make that change.


We need your help now more than ever to spread the word about abolition and the changes needed to be made. We currently have 24 states working actively towards legislative change, and if you live in Virginia then Abolish Slavery VA needs you! Please contact us to learn how you can get involved today, or fill out our Volunteer Interest Form here:

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Pledge much needed resources at our affiliate site,

Over the Phone

Call now for additional information on how to become an abolitionist today!


Help spread the word and rally support for the cause by sharing our website or social media page with your friends and followers today!

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